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FLAT's award-winning, innovative application of hydraulics to solve the age-old problem of wobbly tables has one aim: making your customers happy.

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Deck the Halls for Profits!

The holiday season is a time when families come together to celebrate traditions and enjoy the company of loved ones.  For restaurants, the stretch of holidays between Thanksgiving and the New Year can be a “make or break” end of year storm of stress and anxiety.  Being properly prepared for the holidays can help restaurant owners and operators make the most of the opportunity and close out 2019 with a smile on their face. Read More

Set the Table for Success

Set the Table for Success

In the modern restaurant and hospitality marketplace, there are so many things working against your ability to grow a successful business as an owner or operator.  With increased competition, higher customer expectations, labor entropy, and diminishing profit margins, it’s more critical than ever to work to differentiate your brand from the sea of options available.  Read More

How Social Media Can Ruin a Restaurant Business

How Social Media Can Ruin a Restaurant Business

If you’ve been to any restaurant in the past several years that’s growing, it’s probably not unusual to see a large portion of the room with their heads in their phones. It’s also not unusual to see people snapping a picture of their food just before they dig in. Read More

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction

Restaurant chains have enjoyed a long reign at the top for many years, holding that coveted space with customers as the “safe option” that provides a familiar dining experience no matter where the restaurant is located. Here are 5 growing trends that are having a direct impact on chain business in 2019.   Read More

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FLAT® Technologies Awards


  • Winner - 2019 NEWH Tradeshow, Most Innovative New Product Award
  • Finalist - 2018 Western Foodservice Show, People's Choice Award
  • Winner - 2018 Food Service Equipment Reports - FLAT Equalizers
  • Winner - 2018 Kitchen Innovations® (KI) Award (USA) - FLAT Equalizers
  • Winner - 2015 SMART Label (HOST, Milano)
  • Finalist - 2015 Eurogastro Award (Poland)
  • Winner - 2014 CIFF (China International Furniture Fair) Functional Innovation home-section-awards
  • Finalist - 2013 Hotel Magazine's Best Technology Award (Germany)
  • Finalist - 2012 IHMRS Editors' Choice Awards (New York)
  • Best of Category - 2012 Middle East Office & Hospitality Product Awards
  • Winner - 2011 People's Choice Award in the DuPont Australia and New Zealand Innovation Awards
  • Winner - International Australian Design Awards 2010 (Technology)
  • Winner - Australian Engineering Excellence Awards NSW 2006 (Innovation)
  • Finalist - Australian Engineering Excellence Awards National
  • Showcased - Australian Powerhouse Museum 2006/2007
  • Best in Show - INPEX USA Grand Prix Award 2006 (World's Largest Innovation Fair)
  • Winner - 5 Gold & 1 Silver Medal INPEX 2006
  • Showcased - Questacon, National Science and Technology Centre Australia
  • Episode Winner - New Inventors, ABC Television 2006
  • People's Choice Award - New Inventors, ABC Television 2006