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FLAT's award-winning, innovative application of hydraulics to solve the age-old problem of wobbly tables has one aim: making your customers happy.

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FLAT Equalizers Win FER 2018 Smallwares & Tabletop Award!

FLAT's been at it again! We are thrilled to announce that FLAT® Equalizers have been selected as a winner of the Foodservice Equipment Reports 2018 Smallwares & Tabletop Competition! Read More

FLAT Helps the Renowned Ginocchio Preserve History and Customer Experience

FLAT Helps the Renowned Ginocchio Preserve History and Customer Experience

What do you get when you take a historic hotel with preserved woodwork and original flooring and turn it into a new restaurant? Surely, the recipe would result in charming atmosphere and memorable experiences. But this mix of antique characteristics is also the perfect cocktail for wobbly tables. So, the charm of the historic atmosphere so carefully preserved and meticulously restored can be instantly ruined for customers with spilled drinks and sliding elbows. This was the challenge that Alan Loudermilk, owner of The Ginocchio, faced when he took on the task of renovating the famous Marshall, Texas site. Read More

Restaurants’ Age-Old Foes ARE Significant Health & Safety Risks

Restaurants’ Age-Old Foes ARE Significant Health & Safety Risks

When thinking of restaurant safety, the things that come to mind immediately are safe food and fire prevention. However, there’s another serious hazard that often goes overlooked. Wobbly tables, caused by uneven surfaces and damaged table bases, pose a danger to restaurant goers. Unsuspecting customers may settle in to enjoy that bowl of hot soup or coffee, only to have their dish tip over and spill on their lap. Shards of glass and porcelain from shattered glasses and tableware can also potentially contaminate food or injure customers.  Read More

FLAT® Tech Excited About Results from 2018 NRA Show

FLAT® Tech Excited About Results from 2018 NRA Show

The 2018 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel (NRA) Show®, held in Chicago, Illinois, was another great success for FLAT® Tech this year.  Having earned the Kitchen Innovations award for their new FLAT Equalizers, the company had a lot to share and a lot to be proud of at the show. Read More

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FLAT® Technologies Awards


  • Finalist - 2018 Western Foodservice Show, People's Choice Award
  • Winner - 2018 Food Service Equipment Reports - FLAT Equalizers
  • Winner - 2018 Kitchen Innovations® (KI) Award (USA) - FLAT Equalizers
  • Winner - 2015 SMART Label (HOST, Milano)
  • Finalist - 2015 Eurogastro Award (Poland)
  • Winner - 2014 CIFF (China International Furniture Fair) Functional Innovation home-section-awards
  • Finalist - 2013 Hotel Magazine's Best Technology Award (Germany)
  • Finalist - 2012 IHMRS Editors' Choice Awards (New York)
  • Best of Category - 2012 Middle East Office & Hospitality Product Awards
  • Winner - 2011 People's Choice Award in the DuPont Australia and New Zealand Innovation Awards
  • Winner - International Australian Design Awards 2010 (Technology)
  • Winner - Australian Engineering Excellence Awards NSW 2006 (Innovation)
  • Finalist - Australian Engineering Excellence Awards National
  • Showcased - Australian Powerhouse Museum 2006/2007
  • Best in Show - INPEX USA Grand Prix Award 2006 (World's Largest Innovation Fair)
  • Winner - 5 Gold & 1 Silver Medal INPEX 2006
  • Showcased - Questacon, National Science and Technology Centre Australia
  • Episode Winner - New Inventors, ABC Television 2006
  • People's Choice Award - New Inventors, ABC Television 2006