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FLAT's award-winning, innovative application of hydraulics to solve the age-old problem of wobbly tables has one aim: making your customers happy.

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FLAT Tech Preparing for Significant Growth in 2019

(Buffalo Grove, IL USA) - As 2018 draws to a close, FLAT Tech Inc., the world leader in table stabilization and alignment technology, has been reflecting on what’s been another record-breaking year and preparing for the next. In 2018, the company saw their retrofittable solution for wobbly tables—FLAT Equalizers, receive the coveted Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award at the NRA (National Restaurant Association) Show and received further awards from Food Service Equipment Reports and the Western Foodservice Show. The introduction of Equalizers is certainly a game changer as restaurants, cafes and bars are now able to fix their existing ‘wobbly foes’. Read More

Chicago is Providing a Better Front of House Experience – with FLAT

Chicago is Providing a Better Front of House Experience – with FLAT

How top brands are making a difference for customers using FLAT Tech products Every restaurant owner/operator knows that building a memorable and positive front of house experience is key to differentiating their brand from a market that becomes more crowded and fragmented with each passing year.  Building a unique experience for customers means creating the right atmosphere to meet their expectations with great media, décor, and staff that are in harmony.  There are, however, certain issues that can creep into that experience and damage your brand without you ever knowing.  One of the big issues that many customers, and owners alike, agree can negatively impact a restaurant’s brand experience are wobbly tables. Read More

FLAT and Judecor to Stabilize Wobbly Tables Across Canada

FLAT and Judecor to Stabilize Wobbly Tables Across Canada

FLAT Pty Ltd and Importation Judecor, Inc. are delighted to announce a new strategic collaboration in Canada. Under the agreement, FLAT’s award-winning table stabilizers – FLAT® Equalizers, will be launched to the Canadian market via Quebec-based Master Distributor, Judecor. Read More

Why Everyone Hates Wobbly and Misaligned Tables...

Why Everyone Hates Wobbly and Misaligned Tables...

Everything is set up just right, the ambiance is perfect and ready for your first customers to walk into your restaurants. And although inevitably challenges will arise, you feel at ease that everything within your control has been taken care of. Now that your customers are seated they will surely take in and appreciate the intricate details that you and your staff have tediously seen to. Except...they can’t notice any of that because their evening has been constantly interrupted by the annoyance of a wobbly table. Read More

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FLAT® Technologies Awards


  • Finalist - 2018 Western Foodservice Show, People's Choice Award
  • Winner - 2018 Food Service Equipment Reports - FLAT Equalizers
  • Winner - 2018 Kitchen Innovations® (KI) Award (USA) - FLAT Equalizers
  • Winner - 2015 SMART Label (HOST, Milano)
  • Finalist - 2015 Eurogastro Award (Poland)
  • Winner - 2014 CIFF (China International Furniture Fair) Functional Innovation home-section-awards
  • Finalist - 2013 Hotel Magazine's Best Technology Award (Germany)
  • Finalist - 2012 IHMRS Editors' Choice Awards (New York)
  • Best of Category - 2012 Middle East Office & Hospitality Product Awards
  • Winner - 2011 People's Choice Award in the DuPont Australia and New Zealand Innovation Awards
  • Winner - International Australian Design Awards 2010 (Technology)
  • Winner - Australian Engineering Excellence Awards NSW 2006 (Innovation)
  • Finalist - Australian Engineering Excellence Awards National
  • Showcased - Australian Powerhouse Museum 2006/2007
  • Best in Show - INPEX USA Grand Prix Award 2006 (World's Largest Innovation Fair)
  • Winner - 5 Gold & 1 Silver Medal INPEX 2006
  • Showcased - Questacon, National Science and Technology Centre Australia
  • Episode Winner - New Inventors, ABC Television 2006
  • People's Choice Award - New Inventors, ABC Television 2006