Wobbly and misaligned tables have plagued the hospitality industry for years. It’s a sad situation, but true to say that many pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants give their customers a poor impression as soon as they sit to have a drink or something to eat. But it’s not only the customers that suffer. The bar tender, waitress or hotelier is likely to receive complaints frequently about spilt beers and annoying wobbles. This can lead to customer compensation and lost customers.
FLAT® table bases eliminate the wobble created by uneven floors and allow you to seamlessly align multiple table tops.
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How can FLAT® table bases help your business?

  • Reduce complaints, refunds and negative impact on trade

  • Save time and money wasted each day stabilizing and aligning tables

  • Increase sales by making full use of available space, accommodating more customers

  • Increase flexibility, move tables without the hassle and worry, cater for individuals or groups and open up new areas

  • Protect your reputation by having a wobble free, slick looking environment
You can see how much your existing, wobbly tables could be costing you each year by completing our online calculator – the results can be quite an eye-opener!

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FLAT® table bases are on sale in over 35 countries around the world.

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