Our Story

Australian inventor Tony Pike founded FLAT in 2004, when he set out to make wobbly tables a thing of the past. Some years later, following extensive investment in R&D and testing, FLAT has developed patented, proprietary technologies that can be used to stabilize and align items on uneven surfaces.

Our hydraulic technology (Patented Actuator Device – or PAD) was commercialized and applied to table bases (using the Patented Undercarriage Key – or PUK) during 2012 and is being used to stabilize and align tables in the hospitality industry worldwide. Our technology could be applied to levelling many other items such as helicopters, domestic appliances, film-set equipment and more, and it can be licensed by manufacturers.

The hydraulic technology will find its level on any surface!

Stabilizing and aligning tables presents a significant problem for those working in the hospitality industry (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés etc), affecting their profitability, customer service and reputation. (See how much wobbly tables could be costing you using our online calculator). The FLAT range of table bases provides the solution to problems (wobbly tables and table alignment) that have plagued the industry for decades.

FLAT and our international team of resellers are experiencing increasing demand for our products. In addition to our growing presence in North America, Europe and Asia, FLAT table bases are now available via FLAT-approved resellers in Central and South America.

We have offices in the USA, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Canada. Our products are manufactured in China. All parts are sourced by our Supply Chain team, and all finished products are checked for quality by our experienced Quality Control staff.

Should you be interested in purchasing or reselling FLAT products, please enquire via the Reseller section of this website. Should you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact FLAT via the Contact Us page, or come and meet the team at upcoming trade shows.

FLAT – The No.1 Solution to Wobbly Tables